The foundation and core activity of the VEKADE PHARMA: pharmaceutical wholesale. Every day, we supply medicines and other medical products to wherever they are needed. Reliable, fast, nationwide coverage in 27 European countries.

Our customers include approximately pharmacies, pharmaceutical wholesaler, Cosmetics wholesaler, Fragrance wholesaler and medical institutions. From our distribution centers, the VEKADE PHARMA supplies to pharmacies, GP doctors, and hospital-supply pharmacies throughout Europe. Whether in the city centres of Berlin, London, or Paris, in the suburbs of Gothenburg, Kaunas, Bergamo, or Szeged, or even in the countryside of Appenzell or North Karelia, pharmacies and patients can rest assured that their deliveries will be handled smoothly, thanks to our well-established processes.

Reliable, secure and efficient. Across Europe.

We offer a unique level of coverage in the European markets. Many of our customers receive supplies several times per day. Our objective: to guarantee a reliable and secure, nationwide supply of pharmaceuticals – always focused on pharmacies and the needs of their patients. This is possible due to our highly-diversified range of offerings. Supplying up to thousands items from 1,500 manufacturers, depending on the region, we are the market leader in pharmaceutical wholesale in 23 European countries.

We continuously work to improve our logistics by maintaining a dialogue with our customers and the pharmaceutical industry: by combining orders, we reduce the complexity of tasks for all parties involved. To this end, we have developed country-specific logistics processes. This enables us to provide optimal services in accordance with the requirements and regulations for each individual country.

The method of delivery to pharmacies also varies according to the country – taking place either via our transport service provider transmed, directly via VEKADE employees, or through third parties we have commissioned.

We also offer additional products and services for wholesale customers. Pharmacies can obtain goods management and till systems via our subsidiary ADG. Our portfolio also includes numerous pharmacy cooperation programmes and a diverse selection of continuing education and training programmes, advisory services, and information on the topics of health and the supply of pharmaceuticals.

We now also offer more than 100 services to the pharmaceutical industry in the various countries in which we operate. In addition to marketing and sales support, these services mainly comprise distribution solutions, which are adjusted to meet European, regional or local requirements. This range of services has been brought together under the All-in-One brand.