Pharmaceutical wholesale is our core activity. Day after day, we supply Medicines, Pharmaceutical goods, Health, Beauty, Fragrances, Natural and Organic products to wherever they are needed. Reliable nationwide coverage in 27 countries.

Our customers include approximately pharmacies, pharmaceutical wholesaler, Cosmetics wholesaler, Fragrance wholesaler and medical institutions. From our distribution centers, the VEKADE PHARMA supplies to pharmacies, GP doctors, and hospital-supply pharmacies throughout Europe. Whether in the city centres of Berlin, London, or Paris, in the suburbs of Gothenburg, Kaunas, Bergamo, or Szeged, or even in the countryside of Appenzell or North Karelia, pharmacies and patients can rest assured that their deliveries will be handled smoothly, thanks to our well-established processes.

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Pharma Services

The European pharmaceutical market has changed significantly over the past several years. Regulatory demands and increased cost containment measures have impacted our customers’ businesses.

Vekade Pharma delivers the solution for achieving success in today’s market. Our full-service approach enables industry partners to grow their respective businesses via a collaborative method that includes: increasing sales, lowering costs and optimizing processes.

With our unique market coverage in Europe, expertise in Medicines, Pharmaceutical goods, Health, Beauty, Fragrances, Natural and Organic products, we shorten the distance between our industry partners and patients. Our goal is to provide tailor-made, high-quality solutions for all of our partners.

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